It’s All Thought

Life works only one way, from the inside-out. How we experience life only comes from the energy of Thought. There’s no separation of thought, it’s just all thought.

I didn’t understand this before, so I tried to understand and make sense of life, in terms of good and bad, right and wrong. But, I can see now how when we don’t see the oneness, when we think there’s separation, that’s when we think we need to control or change our feelings. So, we try to get rid of one feeling and replace it with another, or we try to have more of one feeling and less of another.

But, there’s no need for that. Look at rainbows. They are the expression of light that shines through a prism, like water, and shows up in different colors. Is the light that comes through as a rainbow separate from the light that went through the prism? No, it’s the same light, same energy, just in different colors.

Just like the light shining through prisms, we are prisms with thought coming through us that shows up in a variety of different feelings. We can let the thoughts and feelings flow through us and move on. We don’t have to give them any attention or do anything with them. Thoughts are transitory. So, as our thoughts change our feelings change too.

Love & blessings,

The Real Issue

I know this. I’ve heard, read, and said it many times. But, sometimes I still forget. Like this morning.

Getting the kids ready for school was a bit rocky.

I soon found myself exiting the kitchen to go to my bedroom to cry and sulk in my feelings of frustration and anger. Followed by pleas to God to help me get through this without yelling or having a major attitude with my kids (because good parents don’t do that, right?), and more thoughts about how do I fix my kids’ behavior.

I got everyone to school on time. I’ll take that win.

Then it hit me – I thought there was something wrong with me, and definitely with my daughters, because of how I was feeling and how they acted. I got tricked again!

I forgot that it’s ok to feel how we’re feeling and that our feelings don’t mean anything other than that’s just how we’re feeling in the moment. I forgot that I don’t have to try to stop or fix how I feel or how anyone else is feeling, my children included. I forgot that our feelings don’t come from external situations.

Sometimes we see it and sometimes we don’t. That’s human nature.

Love & blessings,

Everyone Is Doing The Best They Can

Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m doing my best. To be honest, I’m really hard on myself at times and when that feeling comes my habitual response is to search for what I think is causing me to “mess up” and what could help me to do “better”. Usually that leads to a search for the best self-help book to read or audio to listen to. And, sometimes I find myself doing the same thing towards others. Can you relate?

I don’t think we ever get to a point where our thinking never looks real to us and we don’t search for outside causes for our feelings or ways to try to change them. But, I am finding that the more I look towards the direction of the inside-out nature of life, those searches are occurring far less frequently. When we see for ourselves how our minds work, that the energy of Thought gives us the ability to think and that creates the lenses through which we view life, it’s easier to be more compassionate and extend more grace to ourselves and others. Because, it only works one way, from the inside-out, for all of us.

Love & blessings,

Thinking a Thought Doesn’t Make it True

Thinking and having thoughts is just what we do. From our thoughts we have feelings. It’s part of our human nature and how our minds work. But, for too long we’ve been conditioned to believe the misunderstandings that because our thoughts are in our heads they must always be 100% true and that our feelings come from external circumstances. That leads to us attaching meaning to our thoughts and feelings without even questioning if it’s true.

I’ll share a personal example. In one of my recent coaching sessions I was talking with my coach about a goal I want to achieve, and I shared with her two associated things that I’ve been thinking about my life for a very long time. My coach responded by asking me a powerful question that lead me to a major insight, “What would your life be like without believing those stories?” WHAT??? As soon as she asked it the light bulb went off for me, and I could see something that I couldn’t see before. I had attached to those thoughts as truth and as if I had to stick with them forever. In that moment I could insightfully see that they were nothing more than made-up stories my mind had created because that’s what our minds do. So, I answered back, “That I would consistently trust, 100%, that God’s got my back, in everything.” And, in that moment I saw how that essential truth of life was just covered up by my thinking.

What are the thoughts you’re believing around goals you’re trying to achieve or situations you’re trying to handle in your life? I’ll ask you the same question, my friend, “What would your life be like without believing your stories?”

Love & blessings,

Jesus The Mirror

I love listening to Christmas music. From the day after Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, it’s usually all the music I play (thank God for Pandora!). This year was no exception, but this year was very different. One of my favorite songs is “O Holy Night” (written by French poet Placide Cappeau). I’ve sung it so many times, but one line touched my heart this Christmas Eve like it never had before:

“Till He appeared and the soul felt its worth”

Jesus came to be a mirror, reflecting to us our true worth. You, my friend, are love, peace, powerful, capable, resilient, and blessed with wisdom and instinct. Allow your soul to feel and embrace it.

We are filled with the energy of Thought, so the only thing that blocks us from seeing our true worth is our own thinking. Nothing can diminish who we are at our core.

As we wind down this Christmas season in our calendars, let us always carry it’s true meaning in our hearts throughout the year.

Love & blessings,


With opportunities to express kindness so abound, it makes sense, to me, to ask how come there is so much unkindness and negativity in the world. Here’s what I’m seeing and understanding more for myself: when we feel like being kind and when we do not feel like being kind are not connected to our experiences (other people’s behavior, situations, circumstances, even our opinions if someone deserves kindness, etc.). The feeling of kindness ebbs and flows, like all feelings do. It’s not caused by anything external.

As a parent, I used to think that my children’s behavior caused me to feel a certain way, that their misbehavior = me being upset and showing that to them. Basically, I thought that if they misbehaved then that caused me to be unkind. One morning, almost a year ago, my son would not get up on time for school. In fact, he didn’t wake up until it was time for us to leave. I had been trying to wake him up for more than 40 minutes, while also trying to help my other 3 kids get ready for school too. I yelled and fussed at him badly. There was no kindness in that moment.

Tearfully we made it out the door and I walked them to school late (again). On my walk back home I got an insight, and I realized that my son could have acted the same way and went to school experiencing his mother’s love instead of experiencing his mother’s wrath. In that moment I saw very clearly that there was absolutely no causal relationship between my son’s actions and my feelings. None at all. How we experience everything, including kindness, is inside-out.

Love & blessings,

Feeling Blessed In A Hurricane

Good morning everyone. I’ve been up at 4:30am for the past 3 days, not because of Hurricane Irma, but for the first weekend of Clarity Mentor Training and my second year with Clarity Coach Training. It’s happening in London, so I’m live streaming from Florida. I am so excited for this next 10 month journey. We started with a listening exercise where we had to share why we are on the course and what have we come for. I shared that since I was a child I’ve sung the song, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” but now I really understand the meaning of the line that says, “what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.” Then one of my exercise partners and I sung the line together. It was a beautiful moment.

How do we bear needless pain? I’m glad you asked. All of the fear, anxiety, worry, insecurity, etc. that is needless pain we bear. Let me explain. Right now I’m hunkered down to ride out hurricane Irma and I’m feeling blessed. The reason for that is that our felt experience only comes from the energy of Thought. Nothing outside of thought can make us feel anything. We only feel what comes through our thought system. That’s the way the mind works. We are connected to the Wisdom and Intelligence behind life and that is where our security, our wellbeing, our happiness, our peace comes from. It’s already inside us from birth. The only thing that ever blocks us from seeing it or feeling it is thought in the moment. So, Irma can’t take my joy away or cause me to feel scared. Have I felt scared over this week, absolutely!! That’s a part of being human. We are going to have feelings, both high and low. But, I know 100% that my feelings are only responses to the ebb and flow of my thoughts.

Sometimes I don’t see it and I believe that my feelings are coming from something outside, other than thought. I mean it really feels that way sometimes. Ok, it’s a lot of times! Earlier this week I was so caught up in thought and running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find gas and water. My anxiety level was way high. I thought that the long lines, empty gas pumps, and shelves were making me feel scared and worried, or worse, telling me something about my future. But, it doesn’t work that way. Once I caught it and snapped back to reality, it was like unclogging a pipe and allowing me to hear from God and know what to do. Divine guidance is real and it’s for all of us.

When we go outside-in, we get caught up in our thoughts and think that our felt experience is being created from something other than thought. It’s going to happen all the time because we’re human. Understanding that frees us from taking our thoughts seriously and personally, and it frees us from living as a victim to our circumstances. We are totally supported by God. For me, that’s why I can carry everything to Him in prayer rather than bearing needless pain.

If you’d like to know more, or would like some support, email me and we’ll talk.

Love & blessings,

The Meaning of Our Thoughts

A couple of months ago I saw this picture by Brian Andreas in my Instagram feed (connect with me there if you haven’t already). When I first read this quote it immediately grabbed my attention and stopped me from scrolling on.

You see, I was having a bad day when I saw this. I was feeling down in the dumps about some things that were going on in my life. Things just weren’t going well. Everything just seemed really tough, and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get out of the negative feelings I was experiencing. Seeing this post was the wake-up call that I needed in that moment. It clued me in on what I was doing – trying to make meaning of my thinking and control my thoughts. There is no need to do that!

Our thoughts are just that, thoughts. That’s all they are. Thoughts are totally neutral until we give them meaning. We don’t have to take them seriously, judge them, or give them meaning. Doing so only clogs our minds up even more. Thought is transitory by nature. When we don’t attach to a thought, it goes away on its own. Our experience is only created through thought. Understanding the thought-feeling connection is where our peace of mind comes from and helps us to struggle less in life.

Love & blessings,

Our Willing Participation

When I first read this, it stung. A LOT! Ouch! But, it’s so true. It seems a lot easier to look for blame elsewhere instead of taking responsibility for our own lives. I think it’s just a natural response to misunderstanding where our experience comes from. That’s all. When we think that our feelings are coming from something else other than thought, then we do stuff like blaming. We just do what we know best to do in the moment. Understanding that our human experience is only created through thought leads to more clarity and peace of mind.

Love & blessings,

Our Responsibility

Our tranquility, happiness, and peace of mind only come from within. How we experience life only comes from the energy of Thought. When we think that we are feeling something other than Thought, we are putting the responsibility for our experience on something or someone else. This then leads to wasting our time blaming and waiting for our happiness, success, and whatever else we want in our life, “to come.” A major part of our responsibility is understanding that life only works one way – from the inside out.

Love & blessings,