Love Is Always There

Love is our true nature. Love is who we really are! Love is already there, always. Whenever we do not feel love, towards ourselves and others, it only means that something is blocking us from seeing it.

Maybe it’s blocked by fear, worry, thinking we need someone, or something, to love us or make us happy, etc. They all mean the same thing – that we’re not seeing clearly who we really are. That’s all. We are never separate from love. We are love, so we can’t be separate from it. That’s why we don’t need to seek for it and just notice what’s blocking it. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Connection to Love

With all of the negativity that is happening in the world, how do we not give up or lose hope in humanity? If you’re wondering this, or feeling concerned, afraid, or even mad, it makes total sense. Some really horrible things have happened recently. But, here’s a key point: the negative acts evolve from people believing that we are separate from Love, and therefore from each other. We’ve got to clear up that misunderstanding.

What Christmas Teaches Us About Hope

As I have gotten older, the true meaning of Christmas has become clearer to me, and my excitement has shifted from the physical gifts to the spiritual gifts it brings.

One of those gifts is hope. Christmas is about bringing and restoring hope, the feeling that things will turn out for the best. But, what if we don’t feel hopeful? What if we feel hopeless? Does that mean things in our lives will not turn out for the best? The answer is no.

Are you open to the possibility that it’s ok to feel hopeless? Our feelings are simply responses to Thought in the moment. Thoughts are transitory in nature. As our thoughts change, our feelings change. Our feelings are just giving us feedback on our thinking and nothing else. Our feelings tell us nothing about who we are, about our past, or about our future.

Even though we say, “I’m hopeless,” “They are hopeless,” or “This is hopeless,” hopelessness is not who we really are. That’s not our true nature. Who we really are is the essence of the Source that created life. That’s where our true worth comes from, not from our feelings, the material things we have, or don’t have, or the type of circumstances in our lives.

The first part of the lyrics to the classic Christmas hymn, “O Holy Night”, (translated into English by John Sullivan Dwight), is:
“O Holy Night! The stars are brightly shining,
It is the night of the dear Saviour’s birth.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining.
Till He appeared and the Spirit felt its worth.”

To remind us of our true worth is why a precious baby was born in a manger. Christmas brings us the hope that we will know our true worth, our true nature, of being created by and therefore connected to God. 

The feeling of hopelessness is just a sign, a reminder, that we aren’t seeing clearly in the moment who we really are. We are never separated from the Source from which we were created – the Source of Love, Wisdom, Provision, and Joy. Which means that whatever we experience in life, we always have what we need to make it through.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!