Two BIG Dogs and My Thoughts

I went for a walk and jog this morning, and I was on the last half mile when 2 big dogs popped up.  I like dogs, that I know!  So, this situation was not one that I wanted to be in.  One dog was to my right and the other to my left.  The one on my left licked my leg.  So, I had a quick talk with Jesus, cleared out my thoughts (“These dogs could hurt me”, “These dogs look scary”, “I’m not safe,” etc.), slowed down to a walk, and kept going. I looked back and the dogs were gone.  Afterwards, I realized that I wasn’t overcome with fear, I didn’t freak out and fall to pieces. When faced with the same situation at another time, I could very well do that, but I didn’t this time.  So, what this situation reminded me of is that we don’t feel our circumstances.  What we really feel is our thinking.  And, when we clear out our thoughts, wisdom comes in to lead us.  Thank you God!