Thinking a Thought Doesn’t Make it True

Thinking and having thoughts is just what we do. From our thoughts we have feelings. It’s part of our human nature and how our minds work. But, for too long we’ve been conditioned to believe the misunderstandings that because our thoughts are in our heads they must always be 100% true and that our feelings come from external circumstances. That leads to us attaching meaning to our thoughts and feelings without even questioning if it’s true.

I’ll share a personal example. In one of my recent coaching sessions I was talking with my coach about a goal I want to achieve, and I shared with her two associated things that I’ve been thinking about my life for a very long time. My coach responded by asking me a powerful question that lead me to a major insight, “What would your life be like without believing those stories?” WHAT??? As soon as she asked it the light bulb went off for me, and I could see something that I couldn’t see before. I had attached to those thoughts as truth and as if I had to stick with them forever. In that moment I could insightfully see that they were nothing more than made-up stories my mind had created because that’s what our minds do. So, I answered back, “That I would consistently trust, 100%, that God’s got my back, in everything.” And, in that moment I saw how that essential truth of life was just covered up by my thinking.

What are the thoughts you’re believing around goals you’re trying to achieve or situations you’re trying to handle in your life? I’ll ask you the same question, my friend, “What would your life be like without believing your stories?”

Love & blessings,