The Real Issue

I know this. I’ve heard, read, and said it many times. But, sometimes I still forget. Like this morning.

Getting the kids ready for school was a bit rocky.

I soon found myself exiting the kitchen to go to my bedroom to cry and sulk in my feelings of frustration and anger. Followed by pleas to God to help me get through this without yelling or having a major attitude with my kids (because good parents don’t do that, right?), and more thoughts about how do I fix my kids’ behavior.

I got everyone to school on time. I’ll take that win.

Then it hit me – I thought there was something wrong with me, and definitely with my daughters, because of how I was feeling and how they acted. I got tricked again!

I forgot that it’s ok to feel how we’re feeling and that our feelings don’t mean anything other than that’s just how we’re feeling in the moment. I forgot that I don’t have to try to stop or fix how I feel or how anyone else is feeling, my children included. I forgot that our feelings don’t come from external situations.

Sometimes we see it and sometimes we don’t. That’s human nature.

Love & blessings,