The Meaning of Our Thoughts

A couple of months ago I saw this picture by Brian Andreas in my Instagram feed (connect with me there if you haven’t already). When I first read this quote it immediately grabbed my attention and stopped me from scrolling on.

You see, I was having a bad day when I saw this. I was feeling down in the dumps about some things that were going on in my life. Things just weren’t going well. Everything just seemed really tough, and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get out of the negative feelings I was experiencing. Seeing this post was the wake-up call that I needed in that moment. It clued me in on what I was doing – trying to make meaning of my thinking and control my thoughts. There is no need to do that!

Our thoughts are just that, thoughts. That’s all they are. Thoughts are totally neutral until we give them meaning. We don’t have to take them seriously, judge them, or give them meaning. Doing so only clogs our minds up even more. Thought is transitory by nature. When we don’t attach to a thought, it goes away on its own. Our experience is only created through thought. Understanding the thought-feeling connection is where our peace of mind comes from and helps us to struggle less in life.

Love & blessings,