My Kids and My Thoughts

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, along with feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at times. School is out, so the kids are at home with me. Need I say more? My normal daily routine has changed. I still need to get done what I need to get done, but then there’s my kids’ requests (ok, my original word was demands) to play, and my quiet workspace has been overtaken by their laughter, loud arguments, and bouncing balls. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t get anything done. Can you relate to the struggle?

I could say more, but the most important thing I can say is that it’s all ok. Really? YES! I know that my feelings aren’t coming from my kids or from the changes to my routine and workspace. Sometimes I lose my bearings, and I just focus on the feelings of overwhelm and frustrations. Other times they don’t bother me as much. That’s just how life works. Our emotions normally go high and low. When we see that and that our experience (feelings) comes from thought, it frees us from trying to fix or control ourselves, others, or our circumstances.

We are connected to the Wisdom behind life. And, as Luke 1:37 tells us, “For nothing will be impossible with God.”‬ That’s a fact of life that helps me through it all. Whatever it is I need, whatever I need to get done, God is always there supporting and guiding. When I just go to Him, instead of letting my negative thoughts guide me, I get the answers that I need. But, we can block ourselves off from hearing Wisdom when we get caught up in our thinking, believing that our experience is coming from something other than thought.

Love & blessings,