Limiting Beliefs and the Power of Letting Them Go

Hello beautiful people!

A limiting belief is a thought that we become so attached to, we believe it as truth, we don’t see any other way of looking at it, and we think it’s who we are (we identify with it). The belief is limiting because then everything else that we do filters through that belief. “I can’t…” becomes a stop sign. “I am…” keeps us from trying. And, it goes on and on. Limiting beliefs can be so disguised that we totally miss them. Now, that I know that, I’ve been on the hunt for them in my life. If we are not intentional about noticing them, being aware of them, we will continue to stay stuck in them. Seeing our limiting beliefs is a first step for breaking free of them.

This week in my karate class I realized I didn’t have a clear mind when I was sparring. My mind was full of thoughts from being very hard on myself for not lifting my legs to block kicks and for using my hand to block instead. I just kept missing it kick after kick (and I have the bruises to prove it). This has been going on for months, since I first started sparring. Then I remembered to look for the limiting beliefs, and what did I see? “I can’t” and “I’m wrong”. They were wrecking my sparring flow!

I finally saw the gap between the beliefs and myself and that I didn’t have to believe them. Limiting beliefs are just thoughts, and thoughts have no meaning unless we give them meaning. I saw that I could change the meaning, so instead of seeing them as wrongs, they could be learning opportunities. I saw that I didn’t have to stay attached to those (or any) limiting beliefs. And, once I saw that, when I allowed myself to stop identifying myself, and my actions, as “can’t” and “wrong”, my head cleared up. I stopped thinking so much about sparring and what I was doing. Then I noticed that when my opponents tried to kick me, I was blocking with my leg. It just came more easily to me than it did before and a little more effortlessly. When our minds are clear, we’re more able to flow in our natural strengths and abilities. But, when our minds are cluttered with thoughts and limiting beliefs, our performance is hindered.
What limiting beliefs are holding you back? Would you like some support in letting go of them? If so, contact me and we’ll talk.

Love & blessings,