It’s All Thought

Life works only one way, from the inside-out. How we experience life only comes from the energy of Thought. There’s no separation of thought, it’s just all thought.

I didn’t understand this before, so I tried to understand and make sense of life, in terms of good and bad, right and wrong. But, I can see now how when we don’t see the oneness, when we think there’s separation, that’s when we think we need to control or change our feelings. So, we try to get rid of one feeling and replace it with another, or we try to have more of one feeling and less of another.

But, there’s no need for that. Look at rainbows. They are the expression of light that shines through a prism, like water, and shows up in different colors. Is the light that comes through as a rainbow separate from the light that went through the prism? No, it’s the same light, same energy, just in different colors.

Just like the light shining through prisms, we are prisms with thought coming through us that shows up in a variety of different feelings. We can let the thoughts and feelings flow through us and move on. We don’t have to give them any attention or do anything with them. Thoughts are transitory. So, as our thoughts change our feelings change too.

Love & blessings,