I Was Too Scared to Ask For Help

There was a point in my life when I was too scared to ask for help. Shocker, right?

How could a life coach be afraid to ask for help? Well, it was before I realized my gift for coaching and made the transition into the profession. There was a time when I went through some things that made life seem more of a struggle than a joy; things that I found extremely difficult, hard, and challenging to deal with. Can you relate?

During those years I felt very sad, confused, and stuck in my situations. I wanted to feel better and feel happier, but I couldn’t find my way out of this heaviness. I felt weighed down. On top of it, I was too scared to ask for help because I was afraid of being judged. So, I suffered alone and tried to change myself, other people, and my situations to stop the struggle and find the happiness I desired. What I found out was that those changes did not make me any happier. I couldn’t change other people, no matter how hard I tried (ask my husband and children how well that went).

What I didn’t realize then was where happiness really comes from. I thought it came from external things. So, my identity was misplaced and wrapped up in my experiences, problems, behavior, etc. It was a misunderstanding that guided me for years until I was willing to get my own support, even though I was afraid. Fortunately, I found coaches who helped me understand our true nature and who we really are.

Our true nature, who we really are, is spiritual and not physical. We are not separate and apart from God. Therefore, who we are is not our behaviors, personalities, or problems. Our spiritual nature is the awareness that is behind every experience we have. Awareness is the only way that we experience anything. Our true self is whole and can not be harmed or broken. Once I really understood this, I felt happiness and peace as I never had before. The heaviness went away. It was misunderstanding our true nature that was causing me to suffer, not anything or anyone else.

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