Go With the Flow

I took my youngest daughter for a “drive” in her jeep. She turned on the radio and cruised down the block. Then suddenly she stopped, got out of the jeep, and took a dance break. In addition to it being extremely adorable, it reminded me of the importance of being flexible in the moment. When we are too attached, and resistant to change, it’s easy to ignore those moments and miss what God is trying to show or teach us. If I had made my daughter stay in her jeep instead, I would have missed a chance to help her learn to feel confident in her decision making, and I would have missed the joy of seeing her dance so freely in the moment. My daughter would have missed a teachable moment in self love, trust, and in knowing that she is perfect just the way she is: someone who loves to dance no matter where she is or who’s watching.

Love & blessings,