Feelings Are Valid and Neutral

Have you ever felt an uncomfortable feeling in response to doing, or attempting to do, something different or unknown? I have! And, to be honest, I still do sometimes. It’s not always an enjoyable experience. In fact, it can feel awful. But, I’ve learned an important lesson about it: feeling uncomfortable about an action we took or waiting for the uncomfortable to go away before we take action is not necessary. Here’s why: the uncomfortable feeling is only telling us about our thoughts in the moment. The uncomfortable feeling is not telling us anything about what we have already done or about whether or not we should take action. Feelings are valid and neutral. Our feelings only mean what we THINK they mean. If we decide to wait until we feel like doing something, or until we feel comfortable, we could be waiting for a long time. And, where does that leave us? Feeling stuck! What action are you not taking and need some support with?

Love & blessings,