Facing Pressure

I started doing Crossfit about a month ago. There’s a lot of weightlifting, and I’ve been trying to learn all of the movements as best I can so I don’t get injured. So, I decided to not add any weight to the barbell until I get the formations right. Last week one WOD (workout of the day) was mostly deadlifts. To do a proper deadlift your back has to be straight as you bend. Well, I was having difficulty keeping my back straight while reaching and picking up my bare barbell. Then one of my fellow athletes mentioned that if I added weight to my bar it would raise the bar up and make it easier to reach. So, I added some weights, and sure enough it was easier for me to do a deadlift. Did you catch that!! Adding the weights helped me! Avoiding the weights was holding me back from progress!

Many times we may avoid weighted, tough, or difficult situations in our lives because we think they hurt us, or worse, that we won’t succeed. But, it’s the pressure that we face, not avoid, that helps us to grow and reach new levels (just like how high temperatures & pressure make diamonds). If we don’t try, we’ll never know what we’re capable of.