Everyone Is Doing The Best They Can

Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m doing my best. To be honest, I’m really hard on myself at times and when that feeling comes my habitual response is to search for what I think is causing me to “mess up” and what could help me to do “better”. Usually that leads to a search for the best self-help book to read or audio to listen to. And, sometimes I find myself doing the same thing towards others. Can you relate?

I don’t think we ever get to a point where our thinking never looks real to us and we don’t search for outside causes for our feelings or ways to try to change them. But, I am finding that the more I look towards the direction of the inside-out nature of life, those searches are occurring far less frequently. When we see for ourselves how our minds work, that the energy of Thought gives us the ability to think and that creates the lenses through which we view life, it’s easier to be more compassionate and extend more grace to ourselves and others. Because, it only works one way, from the inside-out, for all of us.

Love & blessings,