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Go With the Flow

I took my youngest daughter for a “drive” in her jeep. She turned on the radio and cruised down the block. Then suddenly she stopped, got out of the jeep, and took a dance break. In addition to it being extremely adorable, it reminded me of the importance of being flexible in the moment. When we are too attached, and resistant to change, it’s easy to ignore those moments and miss what God is trying to show or teach us. If I had made my daughter stay in her jeep instead, I would have missed a chance to help her learn to feel confident in her decision making, and I would have missed the joy of seeing her dance so freely in the moment. My daughter would have missed a teachable moment in self love, trust, and in knowing that she is perfect just the way she is: someone who loves to dance no matter where she is or who’s watching.

Love & blessings,

Happy Thanksgiving

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I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.  May it be filled with love, joy, and peace.

When I think about all that I am thankful for, the support and encouragement that I receive from my community, and the privilege to journey with and support my clients, are definitely at the top of my list. Thank you with all of my heart!

Love & blessings,

A Lesson From A Tree

This picture, taken by my cousin on a trip to Assisi, Italy, captured my attention instantly. Look at it closely. What do you see?

Tree in Asissi

I see a tree, growing while surrounded by concrete and some dark spaces. I’m not an agriculturist, and I definitely do not have a green thumb, but I do know that this environment is not what’s best for plant-life to grow. Yet, somehow it did and still does. It’s the same thing for us humans. Sometimes we may find ourselves in circumstances, situations, and environments that are not ideal for our growth. The truth of the matter is that our worth and potential are not defined or determined by our circumstances and situations. It doesn’t matter where we come from, where we are now, or what we’ve done in our past. Unfortunately, there are many messages in the atmosphere that try to convince us otherwise all of the time. But, we can choose what messages we listen to. The tree in the picture didn’t listen to the concrete and darkness telling it that it couldn’t grow. Somehow it defied those messages. We can do the same. If you look at the picture more closely, you’ll see that the tree grew towards the light.  It found and gravitated to what it needed to support its growth.  Where is the light in your life that you can gravitate to for support in your growth and to enhance your potential?

How To Boost Your Perspective

I enjoy drinking healthy smoothies. Most smoothie shops offer a “boost” for your smoothie. A boost is an extra ingredient you can add in to give your smoothie more strength. My favorite boost is protein powder.

This word came to me while I was making my green smoothie – boost your perspective: praise Him in advance! Whatever it is you’re going through, waiting on, or in need of, give your perspective a boost and praise God in advance! That’s counterintuitive I know. But, what we focus on, what we give our attention to, grows and fills our atmosphere.

Love & blessings,

What is Your Child Learning?

I love this poem. I read it after I had started my parenting journey, and my eyes were opened even more to the sacred responsibility we have as parents.  And, what better models for a background picture than my own children! I hope this poem impacts you as much as it did me.  If so, let me know how.

Love & blessings,

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“Make It” A Great Day

I try my best to say, “Make it a great day,” instead of “Have a great day.” Say them to yourself and notice the difference you feel. When I say “Make it a great day,” I feel a call to action, empowered, and strong. It reminds me that I am not a marionette in life, waiting to be moved by someone else pulling on my strings, basically waiting for someone else to come and live my life for me. Mind you, I’m not talking about not needing anyone in our lives, especially God. That’s not it at all. Galatians 6:5 informs us, “for each one should carry their own load.” We’re not called to sit on the sidelines in our own lives.

Never Give Up

I watched a highly athletic and intense competition show on TV with my children.  We loved cheering for the competitors and seeing who would finish that tough course.  Towards the end of the first hour of the show, none of the competitors had completed the course.  Many of them had not even gotten halfway through.  Then they showed the oldest competitor to have ever been on the show.

One of the events in the course is a wall that is tall and warped forward, giving the wall a hard curve to overcome.  Every competitor gets 3 tries to climb over this wall.  In his attempts during previous rounds/episodes to complete the course, this competitor did not make it over this warped wall.  But, he was able to make it to the finals in the episode we were watching.  Two of his daughters were there cheering him on.  He started off on the course well, but then he got to his nemesis, this warped wall.

On his first attempt he wasn’t able to grab on to the top, and he slipped back down the wall.  His second attempt was no different, down he went.  The camera showed his daughters cheering him on, and the two commentators were discussing how this competitor needed to use his daughters’ cheers to encourage himself.  Well, he went for his third try, and this time he made it up and over that wall.  Not only did he conquer this warped wall, he made it through the rest of the events and finished the course!  He was the first competitor to complete the obstacle course that night, and the oldest ever to complete the course on the show.  He pulled all of the mental and physical strength he could to complete the course, and most importantly, to not give up!

Friends, when times get tough, when we are facing our own warped walls, that’s the time for us to keep going, encourage ourselves, and resolve it in our minds and spirits that we will not give up.  Seeing this competitor push through that obstacle course and complete it really encouraged me.  Tough times, and major challenges, can be conquered only if we don’t give up.  This competitor also showed that it’s never too late to go for whatever we want to achieve in life.  He could have decided not to compete; he could have given up on his dream, believing that he was “too old.”  It would have been an easy thing to do, as competitors 20 and 30 years younger than him were falling down left and right.  No, he didn’t believe it, and neither should we.

I’m curious, what would you go for in your life if you were guaranteed that you were going to get it?  What would you go for if giving up was not an option?

Show Up

Prior to moving recently, one of my neighbors gave my husband a great piece of advice for his new job, and I had the blessing of hearing it myself.  She said, “Show up.”  Through her experience of being by her husband’s side as he served in the same type of position a few years ago, she learned that what was really needed the most was for administrators was to show up and be consistently present.  The insight that I got from those awesome words is that how we “show up” is important in how we are living our lives, both in our physical presence and in our way of being.

I ask my clients this question in a variety of ways all the time, “For what it is that you want to achieve, or for the challenge you are facing, what is your way of being?  Is your way of being in alignment with what it is you say you want to achieve?”  I am checking in on my own way of being all of the time as well.  I routinely ask myself, “How am I showing up as a wife?”  “How am I showing up as a mother?”  “How am I showing up in my life?”  Being aware of our way of being and how we show up is beneficial for helping us stay focused and achieve all of our goals.

For your life goals, and what you want to achieve in your life, how are you showing up?

An Abundant Life Isn’t Coming To You…

That’s right.  Receiving or getting to a more abundant life isn’t coming to us.  Because it’s already here.  John 10:10 tells us that Jesus came that we might have life, and have it more abundantly and to the fullest.  So, our abundant life is already here.  We can live an abundant and full life right now!  It’s not something that we have to wait for to come, but it is something that we block ourselves from receiving with our choices and behaviors.  God loves us completely and wants us to have what’s best.  We are born complete, whole, and happy.  Just look at children.  They are not born filled with worry, stress, or low self-esteem.  But, what happens is that as we grow up, we learn to let our situations and circumstances define how we see and live our lives.  That doesn’t serve us well.  When we choose to let go of those thoughts, and instead intentionally activate our faith, things change, ways are made, doors are opened, and things align up for us.  Why?  Because, that’s how God created life.  Our abundance is already here.  What blocks do you need to let go of?