Academic Coaching = Stellar Students!


As we are knocking on summer’s door to open, we are moving towards closing the door on this school year. As you reflect over the year, how do you feel about your child’s academic achievement? How would you like the next school year to be for your student or another student that is near and dear to your heart?

It’s not too early to help your child prepare for her next school year! Academic coaching could help your daughter enhance her overall academic performance, improve her study skills and grades, develop positive life skills, and bring out the leader within her.

Coaching spots are open for young ladies who are ready to become stellar students! Email me at for more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Love & blessings,

The Truth About Controlling Our Thoughts


I hear these statements so many times: “I need to control my thinking” and “I need to control my thoughts.” If you’ve said either of these too, don’t worry. They’ve both come out of my mouth before too. But, I’ve learned the truth and now share it with my clients – we cannot control our thinking and what thoughts we have. Was reading that a shock to you? It was to me the first time I realized it.

If you’re still reading this, hang in there with me because there is more to it. We were created with the ability to think. Having thoughts is just what we do as humans, so that’s why we can’t control our thinking. It’s just not our job. Trying to control our thinking and our thoughts is like trying to control the weather. But here’s what we can do: we can choose which thoughts we believe and act on. Paying attention to our thoughts is truly optional. Just because we have a thought does not mean that we have to pay attention to it, believe it, or act on it. A thought can just be there, hanging out in the space of our mind. When we do not give it attention, the thought will pass away. That’s just what thoughts do. That’s their job. We also have the gift of consciousness, our awareness of our thoughts. That’s what makes our thoughts seem like they are real and like we “have to” believe and act on them. But, we don’t have to. Try saying that to yourself, “I don’t have to.”

I think what makes it easy for us to believe that we need to control our thinking is our feelings and misunderstanding where our feelings really come from. Our feelings are only our responses to the thoughts we’re having in the moment. That’s it. Our feelings do not tell us anything about ourselves, past, present, or future, nor are they caused by our circumstances and situations. Our feelings are only telling us about the thoughts we’re having. That’s why trying to change things so that we feel differently does not work. We don’t feel the situations we experience. We’re only, and always, just feeling the thoughts we are having about the situations we experience.

Love & blessings,

Change Can Come at Any Moment


While my children were on their holiday break I didn’t drive past my daughter’s school. Across the street from her school a Dunkin Donuts is being built (As a coffee lover, let me pause and share my extreme excitement about this. YES!!) Before the break the area was flat. The work of building was going on, but there was no standing structure. Well, upon our return to school I noticed, to my amazement, that the building is in place! And, this lead to a major insight, so I snapped this picture to remind me and to share with you. Just like how this building was not there one day and then suddenly there just two weeks later, God can do the same thing in our personal lives. Whatever it is that you may be going through, just hold on to Him and don’t give up. Change can come at any moment. God is the infinite source of wisdom and intelligence behind life. Which means that same power is present and moving in your life too!

Love & blessings,

2015 —> 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, I’m reflecting over the year and looking forward to 2016. Thank you for being in community with me! I’m so grateful that you’ve shared your time with me by reading my posts, sharing a comment, sending me an email, or joining me in a coaching conversation. Thank you! As always, if I can be of more service to you, please let me know. I wish you many blessings in 2016!

With love,


A Great Reminder


I can’t believe that Christmas and New Year’s Day are almost here. How is your holiday season going so far? Are you still preparing (like me) or are you finished? This morning I was feeling overwhelmed, pressed for time, frustrated, and my behavior showed irritation. Then came feeling bad for how I was feeling. Can you relate?

Well, these words came back to mind, and it was a great reminder: Be gentle to yourself. Things happen. Life happens. Mistakes happen. Accidents happen. Sometimes it can be easy to be hard on ourselves. But, showing yourself love, care, and grace is always important and necessary.

So, during this week of what may be a busy time for many of us, with all that you may have to do, I thought I would share this helpful tip with all of you: Be gentle to yourself.

What is one way that you can intentionally show yourself some love this week?

4 Tips to Create Achievable 2016 Resolutions


2015 is quickly coming to a close. What are your thoughts about creating New Year’s Resolutions? How do they help you?

If you do create resolutions for your upcoming year, here are 4 short reflection questions to help you create resolutions that you will achieve. Take some time for yourself, go into a quiet space, and answer these questions for yourself:

  1. What do you want?

Let’s say you and I are having a conversation on December 31, 2016, and you are reflecting over your year, what has to have happened in your life for you to feel satisfied with how your year progressed? This is your life and your list. Write down everything, and anything, you want.

  1. How will achieving what you listed change your life?

The resolutions that we put on our list should have real meaning for us. Is it is something that you really want to do for yourself? Also, if it is on your list so you can fill in this blank, “I’ll be happy when _______, ” that is a sign that it should not be on your list. Our happiness does not come from outside of us.

  1. What are your options?

This is a question that is easily overlooked. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. For everything that you now have on your list, what options are available for achieving it? Make a list, and when you think you’ve thought of all of your options, go back and reflect on it again. For every option that you list, what resources are available?

  1. What’s really holding you back?

For every answer that comes up for you, go back to reflection question 3. Many of the things that we think are holding us back seem to go away when we look at our options.  Now, for everything that is left, avoidance doesn’t make things go away.  It’s only when we face things are we able to conquer them. So, this question is about being honest with yourself.  What obstacles are you allowing to be in your way?

I’d love to know what comes up for you after you create your resolutions. Or, if you’d like some support in creating them, send me an email and we’ll talk.

Also, what topics would you like for me to cover in future posts?

Love & blessings,


Monday Motivation: What’s the Difference between Feeling and Intuition?


In last week’s Monday Motivation I shared about seeking understanding before seeking achievement. It was a message for me too! After I shared that, I experienced some challenging situations. I felt uneasy, unsure, and overall low. I wondered if my feelings were trying to tell me that something bad was about to happen and that everything would not be ok. Can you relate to that? I was at a crossroads of sorts.  Do I act on how I feel or seek understanding? Thankfully, I sought understanding.

We all have innate wisdom that assists us when we’re open to it and listening. Intuition is another word that many people, including myself, use to describe their innate wisdom. Many times I have experienced intuition along with a feeling inside, so I wondered if what I was feeling this time was my intuition, or wisdom, speaking or not. The question that came up for me was, what’s the difference between having a feeling and experiencing intuition? I thought about past times when I listened to wisdom and also past times when I felt unsure and uneasy, similar to how I was feeling in this situation. Bingo, I got the answer!

I realized that in my experience with wisdom, or intuition, there is always guidance or direction that comes (I hear what to do), and when it’s just feeling there is nothing but the feeling. Then I remembered this scripture, and what I was experiencing became clearer to me: “For God is not the author of confusion but of peace” (I Corinthians 14:33). My feelings of unsureness and uneasiness (confusion) were just that, feelings. Our feelings only tell us where our thought in the moment is. That’s it. Our feelings do not know about our past or our future. That’s why it’s beneficial for us to challenge our feelings before believing or acting on them. Everything turned out just fine with the challenges I was facing. I’m so, glad I didn’t listen to my feelings!

That was my experience. I’d love to know more about yours. What is the difference between having a feeling and experiencing intuition, or wisdom, for you?

Love & blessings,

Monday Motivation: The Key to Achievement


I recently saw a television news segment about a high school football team that recently made a complete turn around from losing seasons to winning seasons. The team, school, and community wanted to thank their new coach and show their appreciation. Along with their gratitude and the coach’s powerful sense of humility, what also struck me the most was when the news reporter said to the coach, “Winning was a byproduct of you taking an interest in the kids’ lives.” The team’s achievement of winning did not come from the coach. If we believe that, then what we would be saying is that the team’s source of success came from the coach. That’s outside-in thinking (believing that our happiness, success, and well-being come from our external circumstances), when life is inside-out. The players already had what they needed to succeed inside of them in their core. Their coach just helped them to uncover it. He already saw success and winners in all of them. The kids just needed to see it for themselves.

That same thing is true for all of us; our achievements are a byproduct of us deepening our understanding. “Understanding what?” you might be asking. Great question! Deepening our understanding comes from looking within ourselves rather than looking outside. It’s ok to set goals and have things that we want to achieve in life. As we do that, one question to reflect on is, “Where did the goal come from?” If we are trying to achieve the goal just to gain something that we think is what we need to make our life better or to eliminate problems that we think are making our lives bad, then we’re believing that our well-being comes from, or is effected by, our external circumstances. It’s just not true.

The three spiritual principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness are where our experience of life comes from. Mind is the source of intelligence and wisdom that is behind life and within all of us. This is why we have innate wisdom, happiness, love, joy, and well-being already in our core being. People have different ways of relating to Mind. I relate to it as God. The principle of Thought is the awesome gift we have to think, it’s the energy of thought. We were created to think and have thoughts. Consciousness is the gift of awareness; it’s what brings our thoughts to life and makes them seem real. At one time or another we all have thoughts that seem to be telling us that our happiness and well-being come from things outside of us – that we’re not good enough without this or that. But, just remember that it’s just thought and we don’t have to believe them and stay in that misunderstanding. When we deepen our understanding by looking within, we’re allowing our innate wisdom to lead us and our goals develop from that space. The way I see it, this is the best way for achieving success.

2015 is closing out, and 2106 is fast approaching. How did you do with your goals for 2015? What are your thoughts about what you’d like to achieve in 2016? As always, I loved to hear your responses.

Love & blessings,

Monday Motivation: Unsearchable Greatness


God’s greatness is unsearchable because it is all around us. If you are reading this, then you already have discovered one act of His greatness without having to search for it – waking you up to see another day!

Most of us say to each other, “Have a great day.” But, great days are not just had, we make them. We can do that because God’s unsearchable greatness is within all of us. So, what is one thing you can do today to make it a great day for you or someone else? Email me and let me know.

Love & blessings,