A Great Reminder


I can’t believe that Christmas and New Year’s Day are almost here. How is your holiday season going so far? Are you still preparing (like me) or are you finished? This morning I was feeling overwhelmed, pressed for time, frustrated, and my behavior showed irritation. Then came feeling bad for how I was feeling. Can you relate?

Well, these words came back to mind, and it was a great reminder: Be gentle to yourself. Things happen. Life happens. Mistakes happen. Accidents happen. Sometimes it can be easy to be hard on ourselves. But, showing yourself love, care, and grace is always important and necessary.

So, during this week of what may be a busy time for many of us, with all that you may have to do, I thought I would share this helpful tip with all of you: Be gentle to yourself.

What is one way that you can intentionally show yourself some love this week?