Summer Coaching Group

UPDATE – Hi Everyone, even though the summer group has closed, I’m keeping this post up to welcome interest in starting another group.  If you are interested in being a member of a future group, please email me.  Thank you!

I’m not trying to rush the summer, but I just realized the impact of it being the middle of July already! Which means, September, aka Back-to-School time, is right around the corner (I love school and office supplies, so back-to-school time is one of my favorite seasons of the year 😄).  This led to another realization for me, as the remaining weeks of summer are used to prepare for the upcoming school year, we can also use them to strengthen and enhance our lives internally as well.  Maybe you have a goal you wanted to achieve by now and have not yet.  Maybe you’re feeling stuck, personally, professionally, or relationally, and you’re wondering how you can get past the issue.  Maybe you’re not feeling like your best self and you are ready to shine even brighter.

If that’s you, or maybe someone you know, I’m running a 5-week coaching group for women who are ready to get unstuck, make more progress, and break through limits. We’ll meet by conference call each Saturday morning in August.  We’ll explore the inside-out nature of life, where our experiences really come from, clarify what we want for our lives, get honest about what’s holding us back, and gain insight for moving forward. I’m holding consultation sessions now for perspective group members. If this speaks to you, if you want to get unstuck in some area in your life, or even if you’d prefer individual sessions, email me at for more information and to schedule your consultation. Let’s finish the summer off stronger together!

Love & blessings,